Important question for online course providers, coaches, consultants, and professional service providers who want more sales, more registrations, and to build your brand authority from your email marketing but you don't know what to say and don't have a big budget to hire a copywriter.

If there were prewritten email scripts already tested and proven to convert into sales, registrations — and build your authority — without sounding spammy or like they were written by an intern...  

Would it give you the confidence you need to send more sales-generating email?

"The hardest part about email marketing is that there are so many moving parts to get it just right. And no where else is the pressure so high to nail it every time or face losing a customer via the inbox."

Here's the thing. It's not just about what to say.

It's the strategy, how many emails to send, and when to send the emails for the greatest impact. It's complicated so you might ask, "why bother?"

Ummmmm, here's why you bother ...

66% of consumers made a purchase from an email message compared to 20% from Facebook and 6% from Twitter.

But writing 3, 7, or 30 really good emails can feel like an insurmountable task.

For those times you’re dreading writing emails, waited until the last minute (cuz we all do), are staring at a blank screen, don't know where to start, and have zero budget for a good copywriter let Emails that Convert be your lifeline.


Goodbye stress, hello sales when you download prewritten emails (already tested) and customize those emails in a matter of minutes rather than hours. I show you what to customize and give you extra coaching tips on the side to make them all yours.


Each email campaign comes with a big picture strategy (your email map) along with proven prewritten emails you can customize for your business -- so you never sound like you used a template, and most of all, so you can grow your business.


Ask questions, get new ideas, get feedback and support from a lively group, join monthly live masterclasses with Mandy, and get content not available or published anywhere else with your exclusive, members-only Facebook group.

"It was a proud moment to be able to tell our speakers, audience, and sponsors “we’re sold out” for the first time ever!"

Megan Strand

Engage for Good

"I increased our members 9% using the structure Mandy teaches."

Debbie Hodge

Teach What You Do

"We got 68% email open rates and 71% webinar attendance rates."

Rachel Collins

Accelerated Charity Growth

It's like having your own copywriter and all you do is fill in the blanks to make your emails sound like you and your brand.

Get started for as little as $27

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How it Works

Fast-forward getting your marketing emails done — and still get the results you want, by customizing email campaign scripts, written and tested by a high-end copywriter, to fit your voice and business.



Choose emails scripts for:

  • Sales campaigns
  • Webinar promotions
  • Sell tickets to a conference or business event
  • Welcome emails
  • Cart abandonment campaign
  • Flash sales
  • More campaigns coming every month

Buy one campaign or a low-cost monthly subscription for all-access to campaigns and bonuses. It's totally up to you. 



Download the pre-written emails in a Word document along with strategy and timing recommendations.

Use the coaching notes on each email (and the 5-minute tutorial) to make every email sound like you and represent your brand — in minutes instead of hours.

Upload your customized emails into your own email software (Mailchimp, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, or Salesforce).

Choose one of the subject lines I offer you or test which one works the best. It's all up to you.


hit "send" and CA-CHING!

Proofread and test your email.

When you're happy, hit "send" with confidence about your messaging, timing, and frequency of emails.

Watch the sales, registrations, bookings, or donations pour in.

Meet Your Copywriter.

I want to give do-it-yourself marketers, like you, a fast way to grow revenue until you're big enough to hire a copywriter or learn how to write killer copy yourself.

Try Emails that Convert for yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

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