It's not about me ...

It's really ABOUT YOU!

Seriously, I spend hours days writing high-converting emails, so you don't have to...

I created Emails that Convert for do-it-yourself  business owners and event managers who are ready to…

  • GET MORE SALES AND REGISTRATIONS (fast-forward your results by editing proven scripts, strategy, and timing to work for your biz)
  • BUILD YOUR AUTHORITY (seriously, who doesn't love to sound brilliant in your emails?!) 
  • SAVE A LOAD OF TIME (because only rookies start from scratch and you're a LeBron-level pro)

Who am I?

 Hi, I'm Mandy O'Neill and I'm a conversion copywriter who:

  • Is wicked-good at finding the exact words to connect with your buyer
  • Posts way too many images of my dog on social media (not sorry)
  • Believes dark chocolate might possibly be my spirit animal (please don't tell my dog).

My secret sauce is... science. 

Wut?! Isn't conversion copy all about emotion? 

Here's the thing...

Conversion copy is all about saying the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, to the right audience. That means I listen to your audience with ears so big I can almost hear a caterpillar cough. I use proven formulas to say the right (emotional) thing at the right time and then TEST how copy performs to squeeze as much juice out of your sales funnel as possible...

Because you can't afford to guess with your business I don't either.

The Numbers

"Sold out conference at $1,500-per-ticket." (Engage for Good)

"8% increase in membership sales." (Teach What You Do)

"Increased revenue 57% in one year." (Wounded Warrior Project)

"150% increase in Facebook ad click-through." (Meet to Marry)

"64% webinar "live" attendance rates." (Armbruster Consulting)

"47% increase in revenue over two years." (Unite for Bleeding Disorders)

"Increase sales 87% in one year." (Charity Dynamics)

"244% increase in list engagement." (CARE)

I created to help entrepreneurs, tiny businesses, and nonprofits create lucrative, high-converting sales funnels and emails to skyrocket your revenue — and sound brilliant while you're at it, even if you can't yet hire a copywriter.

I'm mighty proud to have helped support the success of businesses big and small with sales and marketing, including Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres, CARE, Go Anywhere Dog, Project HOPE, Engage for Good, Meet to Marry, Unite for Bleeding Disorders, Armbruster Consulting, and marketing agencies such as Merkle, PMX, and Growth Coders, not to mention being on a team that helped grow a software start up, Convio, from 12 clients to 1200.

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