The Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet

by Mandy O'Neill


This CHEAT SHEET is perfect for you if...

"This is my first sales funnel"

You're creating a sales funnel to sell your online course, coaching program, membership site, or booking calls for a 1-1 service and you need a practical check list of what to do, and when to do it, to launch with CONFIDENCE the first time!

"I started and I'm lost"

You already started creating a sales funnel you thought would take you a few days based on "theory" and have discovered you have over 69 things to "get right" and you need to break it down into bite-sized pieces FAST or you'll give up from the overwhelm.

"I'm using a team to get this done"

You have a team who can help you, but you need a reliable checklist to track all the moving parts so you know what to delegate, what to keep, and how it all fits together... and when.

The Sales Funnel CHEAT SHEET is a Must Read If...

  • You want to fast-track your launch without sacrificing profits, sanity, or personal reputation.
  • You don't know why your current funnel isn't working with a handy troubleshooting checklist inside.
  • You want to know what kind of clicks and conversion benchmarks you should look for to see if your funnel is healthy.
  • You want to keep track of the over 69 (Gah!) specific tasks that need to get done before you can launch a profitable sales funnel that doesn't look amateurish and converts.
  • You must know what you have in common with Beyonce, Mick Jagger, and Bono.

"I increased our members 9% using the structure Mandy teaches."

Debbie Hodge

Teach What You Do

Created by Mandy O'Neill

Hey there, I’m Mandy O’Neill, a conversion copywriter who has written copy that has helped my clients gross over $115 million in revenue.

Here’s the thing… I get a lot of clients who have great products and services and dove into their sales funnel head-first, and flopped. Then decided to do it the right way the second (or third, or fourth) time around. 

Which led me to discover that I can’t be a high-performing conversion copywriter without understanding every step of my clients’ sales funnel – and exactly how to optimize each step.

That’s why I’m giving you this cheatsheet – so you don’t make the same mistakes I and others already made. You can fast-track through that costly trial-and-error phase — whether you’re doing creating it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

I’ve written sales funnels for dozens of course creators, coaches, consultants, and companies. The truth is, several of those folks have used (and contributed to) this cheatsheet you’re reading right now. The sweat stains, coffee rings, and wine stains (hiccup) you see on the coming pages are the real deal. Just like this cheatsheet.

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An important note from Mandy...

I want to make sure you understand this sales funnel cheat sheet, and any accompanying tools, are not a get rich quick scheme. The results me and my clients have achieved are not typical, and your results will vary significantly. This cheat sheet will not guarantee your success. This offering is an education tool. Always remember that running a business involves risk. Some businesses succeed, and some fail. Any testimonials you read are real and valid, but do not guarantees you will achieve the same results. 

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