How it works.

Say hello to confident email marketing

Proven email strategy, messaging, timing, and number of emails together in one place. Customize your email scripts, written and tested by a high-end copywriter, to fit your voice and business. That means you send the right message to the right customer at the right time and — consistent cha-ching for you. 


On-demand scripts ready when you are

Choose the email campaign you want when you need it.

Get the step-by-step strategy, how many emails to send, and when to send each email along with your email scripts.

Buy only the email campaigns you need or get unlimited access to all email scripts with a low monthly fee. It's all up to you.


Make the emails your own

Download the prewritten emails in a Word document along with strategy and timing recommendations.

Make every email sound like you and represent your brand a matter of minutes — instead of hours.

Choose one of the subject lines I offer you or test which one works the best. It's all up to you.

Upload and schedule your customized emails into your own email software (Mailchimp, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, or Salesforce).


Hit "send" with confidence

Test your emails for mobile, desktop, Gmail, Outlook, and more (just like you already do), then...

Hit "send" with confidence.


I want to send Emails that Convert!

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