If you need to send welcome emails to new subscribers, or introductory offers from your Facebook ads, or nurture emails to win over high-ticket clients, or are just hunting for captivating newsletter ideas...

You are in the right place!

for high performing nurture email scripts that give you a ton of confidence and fast-track your authority building.

These email scripts are PERFECT for...


a new subscriber to your email, blog, or podcast list

"I want to welcome my new subscribers to my email list, podcast, or blog in a way that excites them."

When your new subscriber first subscribes, that is the peak moment they are most interested in you and your expertise or product.

I've written email scripts that makes the most of  that doesn't ovewhelm, but seals the deal.

Email scripts that welcome your new subscriber when they are most interested in you and your content and reassures them you are a trusted authority in your field.


of $99 or less

"I've got an intro offer, or trip wire to build my email list with buyers."

Email scripts for the subscriber who downloaded your lead magnet or freebie content and you want to sell them a low-dollar tripwire or introductory offer to get a taste of your awesomeness for a larger sale down the road.


your higher-ticket sales funnel

"I want to convert as much of my sales funnel as possible in 7, 20, 30, or 90 days. with a powerful nurture series that isn't too pushy."

Download the prewritten emails in a Word document. Use the coaching notes on each email (and the 5-minute tutorial) to make every email sound like you and represent your brand — in minutes instead of hours. Upload your customized emails into your own email software (Mailchimp, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, or Salesforce). Hit "send" with confidence.


who send (or want to send) captivating regular newsletters

"How do I stay top of mind and the trusted authority in my field with captivating content?"

A content strategy (and email topics) that gives you confidence your content engages your audience, reminds them that YOU are a trusted authority in your field, and nurtures them toward buying from you.

"It was a proud moment to be able to tell our speakers, audience, and sponsors “we’re sold out” for the first time ever!"

Megan Strand

Engage for Good

"I increased our members 9% using the structure Mandy teaches."

Debbie Hodge

Teach What You Do

"We got 68% email open rates and 71% webinar attendance rates."

Rachel Collins

Accelerated Charity Growth

Are you ready to build your authority with email?

Emails that Convert is a subscription service that is more than email scripts written by a professional copywriter and tested. It's what you need to quickly jumpstart your email marketing and nail the content!



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