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Fast-track your sales funnel to grow your influence, authority, and income.

Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet

Time-Stamp Video Content

00:01: Your time is valuable and your talent is rare

02:18: How long it takes to create and launch a sales funnel

02:50: Who will get the most out of this cheatsheet

03:51: Who should NOT use this cheatsheet

06:09: The ONE characteristic in every client who has successfully launched a sales funnel

07:55: A sales funnel map for a live webinar launch

08:29: A high-ticket sales funnel map from an evergreen webinar

09:40: The one mistake people make that you can't recover from

11:50: A typical launch calendar (with dates)

12:33: What you can do right away to make your funnel perform better when you launch

14:43: A bonus stack will make or break your sales funnel if you're a course creator

17:09: What success looks like: opens, clicks, conversion rates, ad costs, return on ad spend

18:36: How to optimize our funnel once it's live to squeeze more revenue out of it

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