The entire success of your online business depends on getting this right.

Validate Your Offer

Before you spend one minute or dollar on launching your online course, coaching, or services, FIRST validate that there's a market for what you want to sell. I promise you there is a gap between what people WANT and will pay versus what you know they NEED. Take a few hours to close that gap. Thank me later.

Lesson 1. Start here

Validate Your Offer

0:00. The entire success of your launch depends on first validating your offer.

1:02 . Example of joining the conversation in your buyer's head. (21-Day Fix)

2:12: The #1 mistake experts like you can avoid.  

2:43 Example of high-converting ad joining the conversation in the buyer's head.

3:47:  Who to interview.. And where to find them.

5:02: Script to ask for the interview call or meeting.

5:25: How to record the interview.

7:08: Interview questions.

9:00: How many interviews to conduct for reliable data.

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